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Natural Pools of La Codosera

Badajoz - Spain

Transwave are Christof Drouillet (Absolum) & Frederic Holyszewski (Deedrah)
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Christof was raised in a classical musician family. He got involved in various New Wave bands where he was the singer, keyboard player and the programmer (his band Eighteen reached position 23 in the club charts in France in 1988). He discovered Techno in the early 90's, and that changed his musical orientation.
Also raised in a family of musicians, Frederic Holyszewski began his musical studies at the age of five, learning Transverse flute and piano. During his teenage years, he found inspiration in the electronic music of the day, including Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Simple Minds. He bought his first synthesizer funded by working at night in bars as a pianist. After the split of his first rock band Vision Quest, in 1990, he started to work on his own with the help of computers.

Christof and Frederic met at a French Rave party and subsequently formed the psychedelic trance act Transwave in September 1994. Three months later, the first Transwave release (Datura EP) was launched on the small French label, Transpact. Over the following two years, Transwave released three albums (Hypnorhythm, 1995, Helium, 1996, Phototropic, 1996) and toured around the world, experiencing great success in the psychedelic trance underground and scoring an international trance hit with their track, “Land of Freedom.” The group split after the D-mention party in Paris in May 1997. Christof and Frederic also released an EP called “Anjuna” under the name Kaledoid in 1996.

Transwave is known for its heavy use of analog studio gear , like the ROLAND SH-101 and TB-303 .Their distinctive sound made them a yardstick of the Goa ERA with artists like Xdream or hallucinogen .

Christof launched his record label 3D Vision Recordings in Paris in 1998, releasing artists as dancefloor oriented as possible, which became one of Psytrance most demanded labels. Also in 2010, he launched iBZ Recordings, more dedicated to Techno and Tech-House. Both are based in Ibiza….

Frederic ventured out and started his own record label and production studio, Questionmark RDS. In 1997, the label released his first solo album Self Oscillation under the name Deedrah which marked Frederic’s first break from the original psychedelic Goa trance sound he was producing before. Since then, label is closed down, but Dado focused since that on collaborating with his friends Dino & Shanti under the name of KromeAngels.

Transwave have reunited to perform again at the Boom Festival 2006 in Portugal and in the beginning of 2007 they have released “Backfire”, a compilation of hits and unreleased tracks that have made Transwave. They have chosen the tracks after asking their Fans through forums and internet.

Since then they are touring the world constantly and though their last album “Frontfire” (2009) is already another classic of psytrance , the French Trance duo is hard at work composing their new and long awaited 6th album!


Hommega Rec

Another legend of our beloved music, will be in the old school temple !!
Children oF the Doc @ Connection 2018 ( Official )

Children Of The Doc


Miranda Silvergren

Started to make music 1994 and playes as a liveact aswell. I think my biggest hit is Gnocchi, all people think diffrent but for me that track was the break-trough.

After a long break Im active as a live act again.

I have 4 soundclouds with diffrent styles of music. Click on notes to get the links to the 4 with Goa, Psy, Darkpsy and Lounge music.


Transient Records

We are the original Disco Volante. Signed to Transient Records in 1994. 
Pure trance

Disco Volante

Shiva Space

Goa from 1989 Techno ,Acid house , New Beat ,Trance Dance ,Psychedelig Trance... was the evolution over years in goa!
This Project is the low bpm expression of shivajoerg !

Shiva Shidapu


From UK, the pure state of Deep Old School Goa Trance . We are talking about: Nervasystem
Artist who released in Labels as Matsuri Productions and Phantasm Records. He will be in Connection Festival 2018 playing with our minds in a Special Retro set at 
Old School Temple


Symbiosis Records

ORION is a Danish music project formed back in 1996 by Jean Borelli & Dennis Jessen. Jean Borelli went solo with the project in 1997 and teamed up with Mino for 1 album, and has since then released more than 6 studio albums including a Crunchy Punch Hit Album with Ari linker ( Alien Project ), countless singles and tracks for the biggest Psytrance labels worldwide. Orion / Jean Borelli has been touring globally for more than 19 Years starting off the carreer in the early 90`s performing at the biggest and funkiest tranceparties/festivals in the World. With a 6 years break, Orion IS BACK with new energy, new sound, and new music to be released in 2014. The NEW single is finished and ready for release in march 2014, followed up by another new EP in April 2014 containing Flowjob vs Orion and more, and finally a Brand NEW Orion album for release dec 2014. More info to come on the NEW Orion singles release and the new ORION album for release in 2014. STAY TUNED :-)


Tip Records

Astral Projection is an electronic musical group producing Psychedelic Trance and Goa Trance music based in Israel. They are considered to be one of the originators of their genre and one of the biggest acts on the 
scene. Its current members are Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter. Although
the majority of their releases have been done through their own record company, Trust In Trance (which later merged with Phonokol), they have also released records with other labels including Transient UK, Nova Tekk Germany, Avex Japan, Blue Moon Taiwan, TIP World UK, Smart Records, Distance FR, Fairway FR, Why Not Records, Perfecto and many more. They Have had wide spread global support from big name DJ's and Bands such as Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, John 00Fleming, Faithless, and many more. In addition to an extensive discography, the group has an extensive worldwide touring schedule.In 2009 Astral Projection was ranked no. # 67 in Djmag's top 100 dj's in the world !
Some History...
A precursor to Astral Projection, ''SFX'', was formed in Israel in 1989 and originally consisted of Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter. They released a hit single in 1991 named ''Monster Mania'', which prompted them to start working on an album. Work was halted when they decided to travel to [[New York]] and try their luck there. While Avi soon went back home, Lior stayed in the (USA) and in 1992 released the single ''JBIE''. In 1993, with Lior still in the (USA), Avi teamed up with Yaniv Haviv and Guy Sabbag and they released the single ''Another World''. In early 1994, Lior returned to Israel to work on his own material with the rest of the members under their new label (Trust in Trance Records / Trust in Trance) . After this release, Guy decided to leave the group and the remaining members eventually changed their name to Astral Projection.
They have produced eleven albums. The most recent album is 'Ten' which was released in 2004. Astral Projection have not released an album since 2004, though they have released several singles since then.
Astral Projection's most well known tracks include hits such as "Kabalah", "People Can Fly", "Mahadeva" and "Dancing Galaxy" to name but a few.
Astral Projection's four latest tracks "Open Society", "The Prophecy", "One" and "Strange World" have been greeted enthusiastically by Goa and Psychedelic trance fans. Their upcoming album ''Open Society'' is due for release in 2013.
On February 10, 2010, the New Astral Store opened on Astral Projection's website, making virtually all of their music available for a download fee in mp3 or wav format.
On September 7th, 2010 Astral Projection released their new EP “Open Society”, the first of 3 new EP's coming out before the new Astral projection album.

Astral Projection

Zion 604

Shidapu . four talents that interacted with different cooperation between them, and released some great tracks in the beginning of Goa Trance in Israel under the name Shidapu 

Shidapu were Roy sason , Erez Eizen, Miki Litvak & Oren Kislev. It all started in 1994 as a group of kids from different parts of Israel (Erez & Roy from the suburbs of Haifa, Miki from Tel-Aviv area and Oren from Zikhron Ya'akov) met through the modem. They were aged 15-17, working with Impulse Tracker, they started writing music on the computer, exchanging tracks and sounds.

In mid-1995 Miki and Oren formed a PC-music group called tRiP, which featured trance, ambient, house and other electronic music in formats like S3M, IT, XM, MDL. In the end of 1995 Erez joined the group and later brought Roy with him (beginning of '96).

Without seeing each other for 6 months they created a lot of tracks. Later, with the help of Local Friends , they got into the trance scene and their tracks started to spread around in parties in Israel, becoming big hits: Astral Child, Vertigo , Paradise and many many more. The Major Breakout Happened when the group met Avi Nissim (Astral Projection) who liked some of their tracks. We chose the name Shidapu for the band, as we liked the mystic sense of it. Actually it is originated from Sidpao- the Tibetan astrological map. We released 2 tracks on Trust in Trance's Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 1: Paradise and Stay Strong, and Vertigo on Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 2. During all that time Shidapu had a lot of live shows all over Israel and Mainly Europe . More of Shidapu tracks can be found on the TripOut compilation out on Starchild Records (basically Miki's project) and The Light of Shidapu out on Shiva Space Technology (basically Erez's project). 

Shidapu – As a band - Stopped to Create & Perform at 1997 , mainly because of the Israeli Army Induction policy : Roy & miki became soldiers which made the Whole thing Quite impossible to be alive . 

Each of us chose his different Musical way : Oren quit shidapu in early stage and doesn't make Commercial Music anymore , Miki used to work under the names " Domestic " and " Elegant Universe" and erez izen Became Shiva shidapu ( together with the German DJ Shiva Joreg ) and later " Infected Mushroom " . 

Roy Quitted Creating Commercial Music for some long years , until 2005 , the year he started his Progressive\Techno Act Called " MUTe " , Together with Liran Ackerman . 

These days , Roy Performs again under the name " Shidapu " and play those magical Tunes which was created be him and his Friends 15 years ago . Roy also works on New School Goa materials which will be released Soon Under The Name " Computer Controlled " .


Mandala Records

Fue en Acid House en 1988 cuando Joti se enganchó a la música dance electrónica. También fue el mismo año que comenzó a pinchar en bares y clubes de Brighton en el Reino Unido a la tierna edad de 17 años.  

Su primer concierto internacional fue en París en septiembre de 1990, en "Fort de Champigny" con D-Shake y otros títulos de actos del tiempo. 
Fue poco después de esto que Joti se embarcó en el siguiente paso natural, hacer música. 
Ingrese la legendaria computadora Atari, construida en MIDI, sincronización sólida y el software original de secuenciación Steinberg Cubase. Un matrimonio que lleva la comprensión de Jotis de la música electrónica a un nuevo nivel.

En 1992 fue contratado por Dave Allen (reconocido como Productor de The Cure desde 1985) y Andy Wright (Producción por Massive Attack, Dave Stuart, Eurythymics) trabajando como programador y con el título de "Groove Consultant", trabajó con varios actos como Gianna Nannini, The Commitments, The Human League (Productor Mark "Spike" Stent). Programación de sesiones en los mejores estudios como The Hit Factory, Rak y Olympic, por nombrar solo algunos. 

Alrededor de esta época comenzó a involucrarse seriamente en la escena underground londinense y, finalmente, un día con amigos en 1993 se encontró en una fiesta al aire libre en exclusiva en una zona remota en el oeste de Londres, organizada por una discográfica llamada Dragonfly. 
Aquí fue donde Joti primero tuvo su gusto del sonido Psicodélico. Mike Maguire (Juno Reactor) y Serge Souque (Total Eclipse, Antidote) estaban haciendo su legendario dj doble acto y Joti estaba enganchado. 
Aquí conoció a Dino Psaras y Steve Ronan. ¡Fueron directamente al estudio de Jotis después de la fiesta y nació Ayahuasca! 
Los primeros lanzamientos de Ayahuasca fueron en "Un concepto en danza", XL Records, una de las primeras compilaciones de Psytrance. Ayahuasca también lanzó en Dragonfly Records y siguió estos lanzamientos con un remix de Paul Oakenfolds "Rise" en Perfecto Records. 

Después de dejar Ayahuasca Joti comenzó su solo actuando PSYCHAOS, (quien era la primera vez que alguien uste el término PSY en la escena), cuyo primer libro fue legendario Psychaos "Psychaos" estaba en el segundo Concepto en Danza titulado "Ciencia Tribal" lanzado en 1995.                                     
Fue entonces cuando sonido y Psychaos se hicieron extremadamente populares en todo el mundo tocando en lugares extraños y maravillosos desde Guadalupe, el Caribe francés, hasta los Desiertos de Nevada "The Burning Man Festival", desde Castillos en Francia y Yugoslavia, Ruinas Antiguas en Grecia, Monte Fuji en Japón, a la Expo Portugal en Lisboa, las estaciones de esquí en las montañas de Suiza a los circuitos de invierno bien pisados ??de Europa y bastantes lugares en el medio. 

En 1998, con la creación de Atomic Records en Brighton UK y Psychaos como primer lanzamiento, Joti pronto se convirtió en uno de los artistas más vendidos, y sin duda tiene el estilo distintivo en la música y la escena, lanzando pistas como; "Intelecto" (TIP), "Percepción de la realidad" (ACID), "Caos a la orden", "Anomalía creativa" (Atomic) por nombrar algunos. Joti también disfruta de colaborar con otros artistas y amigos con temas como; "Ciencia Ficción" con Ben Watkins (Juno Reaktor, "The Matrix"), "Aliento exterior" Azteca (Atomic), "1000 planetas" con Paul Jackson (Dragonfly), "Dodgy Connection" con Tim Schuldt. Para nombrar algunos de los viejos ...
En 1999 Joti lanzó su álbum en solitario Psychaos "Cause and Effect" en Atomic records. Esto fue seguido por una serie de lanzamientos como "Techno Logical" 12 "y" Docklands State of Mind Vol2 "(Docklands Records, Suecia)," Anomalía Creativa "en Kiss The Future (Registros Atómicos).                                     

Después del cierre de Atomic Records a finales de 2001 Joti comenzó a trabajar más cerca con Neurobioic Records, Italia, dirigió y propiedad de Dj Edoardo Marvaso.                                     

En los últimos años Joti se ha "vuelto a la escuela", redefinió su sonido y técnica y dejó el nombre de PSYCHAOS como PSY Se acabo el segundo álbum, que está a la espera de su segunda producción, que está a la venta de "JOTI SIDHU" 

En 2006, Joti dejó el Reino Unido y se mudó a Ibiza ... y se lo llevó a su tercer álbum, JOTI SIDHU - "NUEVAS SENSACIONES", que presenta 8 pistas y dos pistas de remezcla extras de Shanti Matkin y PTX (Patrick Chen). 

Ahora que Joti regresó a Londres, regresó al estudio y quizás de nuevo a los conceptos más antiguos de trance y techno, y los unió a su nuevo álbum "ORDEN A CAOS", que se lanzó el 8 de octubre de 2010. Un nuevo 2 la muestra del epígrafe de la pista del álbum fue lanzada en agosto en Neurobiotic disponible en Beatport. 

Con el nuevo álbum terminado, Joti ha comenzado Screenagers, que es una colaboración entre él y el gerente de etiqueta de Neurobiotic, Edoardo Marvaso. 
La pista Screenagers en el nuevo álbum Order to Chaos es la canción principal de su nuevo acto. Ahora están ocupados en el estudio creando su nuevo sonido y acto en vivo, junto con una gran lista de remixes, ¡y su primer álbum se lanzará en el futuro en Neurobiotic! 

En 2011, Joti se unió a MANDALA Records con                                    
sede en Francia con Total Eclipse,                                    
Serge también conocido como The Antidote, ... Stay Tuned !!


Matsuri Digital

Tsuyoshi Suzuki as Prana on retro set.

London-based goa trance project founded in 1994 by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor.


Matsuri / Dragonfly

Chakra es Rami Shapira. Pocas personas pueden pretender estar en el pináculo de su carrera durante un período sostenido. ¡Rami comenzó a trabajar con música electrónica alternativa a la edad de 13 años! Pronto se creó como uno de los verdaderos pioneros de la escena de la danza electrónica israelí con sus producciones en el marco de su proyecto de Brujería. Luego, en 1996, con el nombre de Chakra, Rami se asoció con Edi Mis para lanzar el galardonado álbum 'The Promised Land'. Este álbum de venta de platino se ha convertido en uno de los verdaderos casos de Trance; un galardón que Rami realmente honra.

El éxito de producción de Ramí lo llevó a realizar presentaciones en vivo en casi todos los rincones del mundo, junto a artistas como Juno Reactor, Underworld, Front 242, Paul Oakenfold, en todos los festivales y clubes importantes. Las apariciones de radio y televisión de alto perfil en estaciones como MTV solo le agregaon combustible a su creciente éxito. 

La música de Chakra fue remezclada por artistas como Armin van Buuren, Jon The Dentist, Quirk, The Visitors por nombrar algunos. Fue durante el viaje que Rami encontró el amor por Japón, donde se estableció para concentrarse en la ejecución de su propio sello discográfico, Optimus Records. Aún hoy es una de las marcas más prestigiosas de la música de Trance.



Sheyba (Jean Borelli / Kristian Thinning), Kaaya (Paul Jackson / Kristian Thinning), Kailash (Tsuyoshi Suzuki / Kristian Thinning) y Undercover (Graham Wood / Kristian Thinning) son todos los proyectos cocinados a mediados de los 90 y son muy populares en el tiempo con lanzamientos en Flying Rhino Records, Dragonfly Records, Matsuri Productions y Symbiosis Records.


Hommega Records

Udi has been drawn to music since he was a child. At 12 he started spinning vinyl and dj’ing at home, and by 16 was blasting house music on the Tel Aviv club scene, raising the bar of dj’ing throughout the scene. At 18 udi settled into his music career, building a trance music production lab, known as the Basement Studio.

After a long battle with a recurring crash and encountering the error message “Sysex error code 4”…
Udi followed the guidance the studion provided and took the name Psysex.
Psysex hit the shelves with “4 days of madness” (with dave saragosi) and "alien cop" (with bansi from Gms) on 12inch vinyl with “krembo records”. Following this, he quickly started releasing tracks with his Friend yoni oshrat and within two years, at the young age when udi was 20. He released his first album with yoni - "Expressions of rage” under Hommega records.


Phantasm Records

Around 1993 Mindfield was formed from an alliance of studio heads Simon Carman and John Ford with trance traveller DJ's and partners in the seminal London Goa party Pagan, Mark Allen and Chrisbo, who were recently returned from Goa. Originally releasing 2 classic UK trance 12's Life Is An Illusion and Solid State EP's on their own home made ASM label, they soon became part of the burgeoning London Goa trance scene, playing their first gig at the capitals Megatripolis party, alongside a reading by then very much alive shaman Terence McKenna and regularly at the citys groundbreaking trance night Return To The Source, alongside artists such as Hallucinogen, Doof, Psychaos, Juno Reactor and Man With No Name.

After about a year, Mark left the band to concentrate on Return To The Source who he was a partner in and his new project Quirk with Tim Healy and Chrisbo went to play with Chris Dekkers Medicine Drum with Andy Guthrie, leaving John and Simon to carry on as Mindfield and to release their own trax as well as those of friends and fellow musicians in the scene.. Phantasm Records was born!
Tragically, Simon died in 1997 following a lengthy battle with leukaemia.

Since then as Mindfield and as a dj in his own right John has traveled the world playing at parties and events for over 20 years, hosting countless Phantasm parties all over the UK and in USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Macedonia, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and just about everywhere that has electricity & a sound system...

Phantasm and sister label Psychic Deli made its name with early groundbreaking cd's like the Fill Your Head With Phantasm compilations showcasing the best of the labels releases and the classic Deck Wizards mix series, featuring 1990's mixes from the likes of Tsuyoshi, Sid Shanti, Goa Gil, Mark Allen,DJ Dede and Jean Borelli as well as a phenomenal run of classic vinyl 12''s, by Mindfield, Tufaan, Shakta, Orion, Green Nuns, Darshan, Manmademan, Nervasystem, Lunar Asylum and many others.


Danza Bookings

Juan Verdera (born Juan Verdera Fernández), aka The Muses Rapt is a Spanish trance, ambient and electronic composer/ producer/ musician. He began his career in the early 80's when he worked as a bass player and keyboardist with experimental punk bands like Derribos Arias, who used drum machines and guitars to create a hybrid of punk and industrial. He then came to Ibiza and began promoting concerts and invested his money in a studio in which he began to write his own experimental techno tracks. When he performed his first open-air-party in India, he "fell in love" with Goa trance, and so he decided to devote himself to the creation of trance.

Verdera's life was next altered when he discovered that he had cancer. He was advised to begin an intensive course of chemotherapy. During this period, Juan found peace and relief in trance music. Over the course of one of his treatment sessions, Juan experienced a surge of inspiration that followed him home to his studio. It was under the influence of this inspiration that he wrote his famous track "Spiritual Healing". After this single was released, Juan began to recover. He is currently in good health.

The Muses Rapt

Hardhouse Rec

From United Kingdom we have the following headliner a real legend of our beloved Hardtrance Music!!
Razor's Edge ( HardHouse Rec)!!!!


Razor's Edge (UK)

Iboga Rec

You know it. You've felt it before. That unsteady feeling when the music is so good you don't know where you are anymore. That Vertigo feeling... well through the years, Deedrah has taken you on many musical roads. With his many projects, he has explored the vast and wide realms of sounds. These sonic roads can twist and turn every which way. Starting small from a self-oscillation, until you need to reload, taking your body and soul to the point where it's all out of control. He's taken you to crossroads where, all roads lead to greatness. The height to which he brings you can leave you feeling dizzy from all the power and awesomeness. That's why he now brings you Vertigo. Just imagine how high Vertigo will take you! You'll soar, fly, trip further than ever before. Let the music take your mind for a spin. Let it drift away from you to dizzying heights! Let Vertigo take you over. 

Frédéric Holyszewski aka Dado repeatedly woos crowds and longtime fans to the beat of his new productions. Ranging from solo projects as Deedrah, as he is known in the circuit since 20 years now, or the most recent band formed little over 4 years ago, the KromeAngels, , he stands to face anywhere between 5 to 30 thousand eager fans on gig!!.
Once in the scene in the mid 90’s as a self-made rock band, Vision Quest, Dado met Christophe Drouillet with whom he would form the legendary group Transwave. In only 2 years they reached mind blowing success releasing 4 full length albums in total. The duo gained first hand experience selling and producing the entire CDs themselves from creating the sleeves, recording the albums, and even directing the first video for the international trance hit “Land of Freedom”. ?The band, more active than ever, performs relentlessly in front of music thirsty dance floors!!
All this experience eagerly propelled Dado to create his first ever studio in a Paris basement. In ’97 he created QuestionMark records to form a structure for French and international artists providing not only a label for promotion but also supporting a recording and production system. The first Deedrah album “Self-Oscillation” was released under this label, as well as 3 compilations “The Groovebox”, “ Anologique” and “Digitale”. The first album “Cypher” was released with the cooperation of TWISTED Rds. UK. Under QuestionMarks label Dado worked alongside artists like ASTRIX, INFECTED MUSHROOM .GMS ,ASTRAL PROJECTION, TALAMASCA, and remixed for bands like KILLING JOKE , DURAN DURAN , THE DELTA, HALLUCINOGEN , ASTRIX
As if not enough, Dado created another alias “SYNTHETIC” first releasing the fantastic Metalgear with TWISTED Rds, then releasing the first album on SOLSTICE MUSIC. Synthetic being now the alias of choice for more techno 125 bpm oriented recordings ( on labels like IBZ recordings or Mago Mago RDS )
The Dado snowball picked up momentum growing like an avalanche and he, together with DMT NAKOV and SERGE SOUQUE of Total Eclipse came together to form GBU (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ) still playing at the most important festivals of the techno scene: Sonica, The Glade Mother and Solstice Music Festival in Tokyo. Dado kept busy through contracts with Sony to compose the opening tune and sound effects of the ps2 game Grand Turismo3. Some od his work making it to major movie soundtracks like ‘Man on Fire “ , with denzel Washington .Parts of his studio activitIes being nowadays designing loops and sounds for IOS applications ( alongside japanese company "total immersion" based in tokyo )
Instantly his presence became known through his sexy melodic beats, Dado inevitably began attracting world-wide attention to his DJ sets and Lives in destinations all over the world, gaining the opportunity to work alongside different talent who still regard him as a master in the engineering and technical aspect of music production…. His talent and knowledge of music is wide spread as his versatility in style. This is reflected in his multiple groups or ‘personalities’!!! Soon to be released this year a series of Synthetic ep s with is mate Matt king and and the long awaited second opus from ‘Federico Baltimore’ alter ego!! Loyal fans can be pleased to know that he is hard at work with a album together with his parner in crime Shanti Matikin that will be released this summer on number one trance label IBOGA records .catch him around the word during kromepressings label parties or during this summer biggest festivals !?


Etnicanet Records

Etnica are Ibiza-based Milanese duo Max Lanfranconi and Maurizio Begotti (the original quartet was comprised of Max Lanfranconi, Maurizio Begotti, Carlo Paterno, and Andrea Rizzo). Electronic music producers extraordinaire, 

ETNICA have pioneered the global phenomenon that is psychedelic trance since the late 80’s as doyens and undisputed innovators, trail-blazing the planet with their charismatic live performances as constant favorites on international line-ups at all of the world’s top events. 

Simply put, they are among the most acclaimed artists of their kind, with a growing legion of fans that span the entire planet, devotedly following them since the glorious Acid House days. 

Quintessentially Mediterranean yet utterly universal, the romantic and evocative allure of their sci-fi imbued compositions have rippled out through the years, inspiring many an artist and forging, during the ‘golden era’ of ‘Goa’ Trance, what would become the blueprint for this legendary musical genre. 

A majestic craftsmanship permeates their fascinating works, as displayed in Etnica’s side-project PLEIADIANS albums: Identified Flying Object (their debut album from 1996 – a sheer masterpiece: symphonic behemoth of a myriad layers – mesmerizing and unsurpassed to date) and Family of Light, as well as 2006’s Seven Sisters.

Their music’s charm lies in the grandiose arrangements as well as the sonic minutiae that pepper and constellate each of their works. 

ETNICA have given us an imposing array of classics starting from their debut album ‘The Juggling Alchemist Under the Blacklight’ and their sophomore album ‘Alien Protein’, which set the tone for the illustrious sequence of 7 artist albums up until present day. 

Their countless hit singles feature on all of the best labels (including Spirit Zone, Blue Room Released, Dragonfly, Flying Rhinoq ,Solstice Music, and Neurobiotic to name only a few) and legendary hits such as TRIPTONITE and VIMANA have endlessly been remixed by admiring artists all over the world, throughout the years.

Attention has inevitably been garnered outside of the international electronic music circuit, with memorable collaborations including licensing their musical pieces to Sony Playstation for the acclaimed Gran Turismo game, as well as soundtrack and sound designing for Italian titans Ferrari and Ducati. 


Etnicanet Records

Pleiadians is a side project of the Goa trance band Etnica. The main characteristics of their work are tracks that are unusually fast and very melodic at the same time. 


Suntrip Records

Cristian Fernandez is the man behind Morphic Resonance, he became interested in electronic music since he was a child, growing up with industrial/EBM bands like Front 242, Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, Nittzer Ebb, Leather Strip, Funker Vogt...ect. He discovered Goa trance in 2005 with Infected mushroom track “Devil“ and immediately he felt totally attracted for this kind music, a few years latter and inspired by the new wave of new school Goa artists specially Filteria he started to buy hardware synthesizers and experiment with them.

His first work “Chromatic World EP“ was released on NeoGoa records net label in January 2014. After that, his work was inmediately demanded for many labels included Suntrip Records in where he will release his debut album. Other labels include DAT Records, Global Sect or Timewarp in where he wants to spread her unique dark acidic melodic style.

Despite being a very young project Morphic Resonance played in several countries Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, Spain,...ect and he shared stage with big names as Dimension 5, Etnica, Transwave, Filteria, Goasia, California Sunshine, The Muses Rapt among many others.

Morphic Resonance

Megabeat Records

Electronic music from Valencia


Suntrip Records

We all know those two goa minds from southern part of Europe, but it’s good to say that Goasia project exists since year 2000. It became more active on the trance scene after 3-4 years, since Vladislav Radulovi aka Kantz Cover from progressive trance OPSY came into a project and joined Balint Tihamer. Bunch of studio equipment directed to sound, represented trough the tracks, and resulted on many worlds’ releases at various labels. For example, we can mention some of the first releases that came on Suntrip, Cosmicleaf, Kagdila Rec, Unicorn Music, Phototropic, Global Sect Music, Soundmute Recordings, Spacedock Records, Goa Trance Com, USTA Rec, etc.. In year 2006 Goasia published a collaboration album with greek goa trance artist Omegahertz for Unicorn Music. After that release and few more singles on other labels, at the end of 2007, in November, this project made their first solo studio album under the name "From Other Spaces" and published it for goa trance label "Suntrip Records" from Belgium, and became the official Suntrip artist. Excellent vibes and reviews of this release, opened to Goasia new offers for promoting their music all over the world... After a while, about 2 and a half years, some compilations and EPs later, Goasia decided to unite the newly composed material on the media which they present on their second CD album on Dimensional Records in 2010. Definition of the album was described as a fusion of the morning, sometimes melancholic sound and cheerful forest environment. Of course, all spiced with the energetic, cosmic and ethnic melodies. The return to the good old spirit of beautiful Goa Trance music in a totally new form of high-quality production, many consumers noticed on their new 3rd studio album called "Amphibians On Spacedock". Very strong and science fiction illustration of possible story somewhere in universe.
As for performances, Goasia is really busy, especially in last 2 years. Many of promoters recognized their fantastic sound so they performed practically all over the globe. From sunny Brazil and one of the most respectable festival like Universo Paralello and Soulvision, a cross the whole Europe with festivals like, Samsara, Aurora, Antaris, Freedom, Misterika, Cosmic Gate, Forest Quest, Utopia Boom Landing ... some of main club events in Russia & Israel, all the way to the Land of rising Sun on far east also known as Japan, where they are like, constantly guests every year. 
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Keep the Goa spirit alive as long as you feel the energy. 
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