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Badajoz - Spain

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Juan Verdera (born Juan Verdera Fernández), aka The Muses Rapt is a Spanish trance, ambient and electronic composer/ producer/ musician. He began his career in the early 80's when he worked as a bass player and keyboardist with experimental punk bands like Derribos Arias, who used drum machines and guitars to create a hybrid of punk and industrial. He then came to Ibiza and began promoting concerts and invested his money in a studio in which he began to write his own experimental techno tracks. When he performed his first open-air-party in India, he "fell in love" with Goa trance, and so he decided to devote himself to the creation of trance.

Verdera's life was next altered when he discovered that he had cancer. He was advised to begin an intensive course of chemotherapy. During this period, Juan found peace and relief in trance music. Over the course of one of his treatment sessions, Juan experienced a surge of inspiration that followed him home to his studio. It was under the influence of this inspiration that he wrote his famous track "Spiritual Healing". After this single was released, Juan began to recover. He is currently in good health.

The Muses Rapt

Hommega Records

Udi has been drawn to music since he was a child. At 12 he started spinning vinyl and dj’ing at home, and by 16 was blasting house music on the Tel Aviv club scene, raising the bar of dj’ing throughout the scene. At 18 udi settled into his music career, building a trance music production lab, known as the Basement Studio.

After a long battle with a recurring crash and encountering the error message “Sysex error code 4”…
Udi followed the guidance the studion provided and took the name Psysex.
Psysex hit the shelves with “4 days of madness” (with dave saragosi) and "alien cop" (with bansi from Gms) on 12inch vinyl with “krembo records”. Following this, he quickly started releasing tracks with his Friend yoni oshrat and within two years, at the young age when udi was 20. He released his first album with yoni - "Expressions of rage” under Hommega records.


Phantasm Records

Around 1993 Mindfield was formed from an alliance of studio heads Simon Carman and John Ford with trance traveller DJ's and partners in the seminal London Goa party Pagan, Mark Allen and Chrisbo, who were recently returned from Goa. Originally releasing 2 classic UK trance 12's Life Is An Illusion and Solid State EP's on their own home made ASM label, they soon became part of the burgeoning London Goa trance scene, playing their first gig at the capitals Megatripolis party, alongside a reading by then very much alive shaman Terence McKenna and regularly at the citys groundbreaking trance night Return To The Source, alongside artists such as Hallucinogen, Doof, Psychaos, Juno Reactor and Man With No Name.

After about a year, Mark left the band to concentrate on Return To The Source who he was a partner in and his new project Quirk with Tim Healy and Chrisbo went to play with Chris Dekkers Medicine Drum with Andy Guthrie, leaving John and Simon to carry on as Mindfield and to release their own trax as well as those of friends and fellow musicians in the scene.. Phantasm Records was born!
Tragically, Simon died in 1997 following a lengthy battle with leukaemia.

Since then as Mindfield and as a dj in his own right John has traveled the world playing at parties and events for over 20 years, hosting countless Phantasm parties all over the UK and in USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Macedonia, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Morocco, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and just about everywhere that has electricity & a sound system...

Phantasm and sister label Psychic Deli made its name with early groundbreaking cd's like the Fill Your Head With Phantasm compilations showcasing the best of the labels releases and the classic Deck Wizards mix series, featuring 1990's mixes from the likes of Tsuyoshi, Sid Shanti, Goa Gil, Mark Allen,DJ Dede and Jean Borelli as well as a phenomenal run of classic vinyl 12''s, by Mindfield, Tufaan, Shakta, Orion, Green Nuns, Darshan, Manmademan, Nervasystem, Lunar Asylum and many others.


Matsuri Digital

Tsuyoshi Suzuki as Prana on retro set.

London-based goa trance project founded in 1994 by Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor.


Matsuri / Dragonfly

Chakra is Rami Shapira. Few people can claim to be at the pinnacle of their career for such as sustained period. Rami started working with alternative electronic music at the age of 13! He soon established himself as one of the true pioneers of the Israeli electronic dance scene with his productions under his Witchcraft project. Then in 1996, under the name of Chakra, Rami teamed up with Edi Mis to release the award winning 'The Promised Land' album. This platinum selling album has become one of today's true classic Trance albums; an accolade Rami is truly honored by.

Rami's production success resulted in him performing live sets at almost every corner of the world, playing along side such artist as: Juno Reactor, Underworld, Front 242, Paul Oakenfold, at all major festivals and clubs. High profile radio and TV appearances on such stations as MTV only added fuel to his growing success.

Chakra's music was remixed by artists like Armin van Buuren, Jon The Dentist ,Quirk, The Visitors just to name a few. It was while traveling that Rami found a love for Japan where he settled to concentrate on running his own record label, Optimus records. Still today one of Trance music's most prestigious labels.


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